Frozen products

Our frozen fruits are processed under the most demanding standards of the international market. With a wide variety of products we adapt to the production, quality, safety, legality and food defense needs of our clients.

Strawberries and organic strawberries

Industrialized in the following products:

  • Whole IQF
  • Sliced IQF
  • Diced IQF
  • Cut with sugar
  • Puree

Blueberries and organic blueberries

  • Blueberry IQF

Peaches and organic peaches

  • Sliced IQF
  • Diced IQF

Fresh products

Our fresh fruits are harvested, packed and dispatched applying good practices, thus ensuring safe and quality products. We offer fruit packed in various containers to meet the different demands of the markets.


  • Pack x 250g. Box x 2kg.
  • Clamshell x 500g. Box x 4kg.
  • Crate x 5kg.
  • Box x 5kg.
  • Fruit Box XL – FrutiJohn


  • Clamshell x 175g. Box x 2.1 kg.